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Dakar Music Export

What's Dakar Music Export

DAKAR MUSIC EXPO, in its 5th year, has brought together in Dakar, professionals, decision-makers, influencers, event organizers and artistic agencies from the music industry of the 5 continents. DMX has become a recognized movement and festival in the cultural and creative circle of the West African nation, championing opportunities for young talents and aspiring professionals, through a celebration of African creation around networking, showcases and debates. Remaining faithful to its original design, the name DMX is now growing to become a Talent Agency with the name Dakar Music Export: with the goal is to export the talents showcased during the festival and open the doors to the African Artists based in the Continent.

The Talent Agency, under the expertise of Dudu Sarr and Valentina Zanelli, it will make sure that the African Emerging Talents touring abroad under the agency name will become internationally known within the industry and will perform in the most renowned festivals. This synergy between Dakar Music Expo the Festival and Dakar Music Export Agency will reinforce the results of creating a West African Platform of excellence and promote artists, festivals, fairs, agencies, local bodies and arts promoters, operating through active participation in the major music fairs worldwide and in all occasions of meeting and exchange related to the global music market. DMX aims to become the reference point for both Senegalese and foreign music artists, like an itinerant cultural embassy able to guarantee to its partners high standard services, like:

  • Festival curation
  • international booking
  • Music Distribution
  • Talent booking
  • Talent scouting
  • Talent management
  • Development and facilitation of international public relations
  • Creating a strong worldwide network of Festival Partners, committed to discover and promote African Talents


Short BIO

Def MaMa Def is made up of hip-hop and R&B stars Mama Victory and Defa. Mamy Victory is a well-known voice in the Senegalese urban music scene and is known to be a vocal powerhouse on stage. Defa is one of Senegal’s most sought-after R&B voices, a former member of the group Rafa and the favourite backing vocalist of Daara J Family, a project of the Senegalese rap duo Faada Freddy and N’Dongo.

“Def MaMa Def, n’est autre que la naissance de deux nouvelles reines de la scène urbaine dakaroise, prêtes à conquérir le monde“

Long bio
Def MaMa Def is an encounter, written under the stars of Senegal, between two powerful women and rising stars of the hip hop senegalese scene. Their talents combine complementarity and stage performance, working to the second between songs, tassus (Wolof lyricist songs) and choreographies strongly influenced by the Mbalax style, the very peculiar rhythm and dance of Senegal. We also find the Mbalax influence – a true symbol of the Senegalese identity – in their productions, where the urban mixes with Senegalese tribal percussion and melodies.

Def MaMa Def is a celebration of the musical richness of the Senegalese country imbued with Afrobeats, Hip Hop and electronic sounds inspired by the infinite rhythms and cultures of the continent, naturally projecting a powerful panafrican futuristic vision on the international market. Mamy Victory is the lioness of the duo, with her 20 years of experience in the urban music scene and is renowned for her energy and her commitment to defend social values with her lyrics. She exudes unparalleled power in each of her performances. Defa, the diva of the duo with her seductive acting and her golden voice, is a former member of the Rafa Group and singer of the famous group Daara J Family. She is one of the most requested RnB voices in Senegal.

“If the anchoring of the group, in the melodies and the themes, is indeed Dakar,it
remains open and is enriched by international urban musical influences. With their compositions combining the cutting edge of rap with the melodic of pop, these two queens of the city carry their voices as much as they deliver a complete, eccentric and chic show on stage. Proof of this is the renewal of the Senegalese music scene.”


Experience the electrifying sounds of Senegal’s hottest new musical group, blending elements of Amapiano, Hip Hop, And Afrobeats to create a unique and unforgettable experience for audiences of all the world. The show combines the frantic and contagious rhythms of Amapiano with the hard-hitting rhythms and fluidity of Hip-Hop, bowing to the immense tradition of cultural sounds of Senegal. The result is fresh, dynamic and full of energy, guaranteed to get crowds moving and grooving.
In DEF MAMA DEF, every member brings their unique style and personal voice: from the soaring choruses to the complex melodies and rhythms of their music, each member on stage builds up to reach end of show ecstasy. The show glorifies the depth and diversity of Senegal’s rich musical heritage, calling the
audience for joining a journey through the vibrant new sounds of Senegal. It’s also a musical adventure that will surely leave you breathless and wanting more. 

“Fan of Amapiano, Hip Hop or Afro beats, « OH MALIKO » is for everyone. Can’t wait to share our music with the world.”
Def MaMa Def


— Mama and Defa Live in Dakar
— Live in Amsterdam
— Videoclip “Dieuredieuf”


— Interviews: RFI
— Interviews: TV5 MONDE



Déf MaMa Def est un groupe de musique composé de deux jeunes femmes au talent exceptionnel reconnu par les férus de la musique. Lire la suite


Def MaMa Def is a thrilling musical encounter between two rising stars of Senegalese hip hop. Mamy Victory has been a regular. Lire la suite


Def MaMa Def est le tout nouveau projet « girl power » porté par les deux rappeuses dakaroises Mamy Victory et Defa. Lire la suite


Def MaMa Def c’est une rencontre musicale entre deux reines de la scène urbaine sénégalaise et africaine. Lire la suite

Shows and tours

  • Holland Festival 20/06/2022 Amsterdam Hollande
  • Aeronef 12/07/2022 Lille France
  • Festival Africajarc 24/07/2022 Cajarc France
  • Festival Jova Beach 30/07/2022 Barletta Italie
  • Le Sucre 06 aout 2022 Lyon France
  • Soirée Heetch / La Favela 14/10/2022 Dakar Sénégal
  • Festival Lompoul 04/11/2022 Lompoul Dakar
  • Dakar en jeux 05/11/2022 Dakar Sénégal
  • Festival Africolor 19-20/11/ 2022 Paris France
  • Carnaval de Dakar 25/11/2022 Dakar Sénégal
  • Fondation Prince Claus Fund 6 – 16/12/2022 Amsterdam Hollande
  • Festival Harmattan (Theatre Principal de Ourense & Theatre del Bosque) 12 & 13/04/2023 Espagne

  • WOMEX, 28/20/2023, A Coruña
  • Le Hasard Ludique 11/05/2023 Paris France
  • Festival La Nuit des Griots 13/05/2023 Marseille France
  • Festival Muffatwerk 24/05/2023 Munich Allemagne
  • Les Docks – Cahors 26/05/2023 Cahors France
  • Festival J’irai cracher sur vos tongs 27/05/2023 Sigean France
  • Le Grand Live Arnaud Bernard 28/05/2023 Toulouse France
  • Showcase présentation EP « Oh Maliko » au Bideew (IF Sénégal) 04/08/2023 Dakar Sénégal

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    Villa 12, Mamelles Aviation Dakar - Sénégal

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